Triathlon training update! 

 Use this link to donate to my Macmillan cancer support fundraising page Man oh man! My Blenheim Sprint pack arrived this morning and it’s all become really real. At writing this I have 24 days until I jump into The lake at Blenheim to start my first event. Training hasn’t gone as well as I would have liked. It feels like I’ve had a problem at every turn. Some highlights include a neck injury that stopped me from doing any swimming or riding the bike, the bike needed to go for a service and when it was being serviced they … Continue reading Triathlon training update! 

London Triathlon – Training Planning

When I signed up to do the London Triathlon  to raise money for Macmillan cancer support (please sponsor me here) all I really knew about training was that I needed to build up to the full distances, Olympic distances, did I mention that? Apart from … Continue reading London Triathlon – Training Planning

Surprise London Triathlon 2017 Entry 

After my best friend convinced me to run the London 10k earlier this year, I trained for the event and am pleased to say I ran a time better than I was aiming for and whilst I didn’t enjoy the run I enjoyed crossing the finish line. But when the race was done, I let the training slip. I had a slight ankle injury that restricted my training but I felt the pressure was off and I didn’t feel the need to train. We had a holiday and then it seemed like a distant memory. When we got back, I … Continue reading Surprise London Triathlon 2017 Entry 

C.O.O.L Clinic Adventures: Day 2 Thursday

06:28 (US) I’ve been awake for a little while. I had about eight hours sleep and managed to get out this morning for a quick run. (That didn’t last long as I didn’t have much in the tank) and I’ve been looking for places to go for breakfast so if the hotels isn’t great I have plenty of options. In the end I had an amazing “breakfast burrito”, in a diner that must have been owned by a Bengals fanatic! There where game posters from the 80’s on the wall signed by Anderson or Esiason. It might sound tacky but … Continue reading C.O.O.L Clinic Adventures: Day 2 Thursday

Day 1 Wednesday: Travelling to the C.O.O.L. Clinic

10:13 (UK) I’m on the Piccadilly line travelling to Heathrow Terminal 3, I hate traveling but this clinic will make the trip more than worth it. I’ve wanted to go to this specialist OL clinic since I stumbled on the transcript on a football reference site about ten years ago so this is definitely one to tick off the bucket list. I’m wearing my  GB coaching swag and have packed most of it  as well. Seems like the perfect chance to use it. 11:28 (UK) I’m through passport and security checks, have wandered through duty free and since my departure … Continue reading Day 1 Wednesday: Travelling to the C.O.O.L. Clinic