Miami Dolphins Potential Cuts: Philip Wheeler

So Ive been to collect one team playbook and tell Phins TE Michael Egnew that he needs to see the head coach. The second playbook I might be asked to collect belongs to: Philip Wheeler, 52, LB Is this a case of one year wonder? Mr Wheeler was drafted in the third round by the Colts and looking at the Profootballfocus and NFL stats page he’s always been a functional but not great OLB in a 4-3 scheme (this means there are 4 defensive linemen and 3 linebackers on the field). Jeff Ireland probably did the same investigation and had scouts breakdown … Continue reading Miami Dolphins Potential Cuts: Philip Wheeler

Miami Dolphins Potential Cuts: Michael Egnew

So we’ve had all the pre-draft speculation, then the draft itself and now we are in the dead space that features agents and players haggling over contracts, players attending mini camps and Organised Team Activites. (OTA’s). Apart from scouring the internet to find out how players are progressing at camp the next big step is when teams start to slim their rosters. So I’m going to play the roll of the Turk who’s going to get play books and tell players to go and see the Head Coach. My first visit is to: Michael Egnew, TE, 84   Mr Egnew … Continue reading Miami Dolphins Potential Cuts: Michael Egnew

Miami Dolphins Draft: Rounds 4 -7

I’m doing this much much later than I intended, but here are my thoughts on the later draft picks. Walt Atkins, CB, Liberty (round 4) I didn’t recognise the name or the college to be honest so I began my own research.  Mr Atkins has a highlight film on you tube ( and from the brief clip he looks like he’s been well coached and combines this with a tonne of natural talent. I like how he breaks down for tackles and then delivered the tackle with real force and on top of this when he breaks on the ball … Continue reading Miami Dolphins Draft: Rounds 4 -7

NFL Draft Miami Dolphins Rounds 2&3: Boom Or Bust

Another two rounds down and I don’t know a great deal about either player but a few comments below: Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU (Picture from I’ve seen a bit of LSU football this year and this morning went to the TIVO to see if I had film. Unbelievably I didn’t, so as usual I resorted to stats. A name that will make any Dolphins fan shudder is Cam Cameron who took over the LSU Offence in 2013 but this should give us some hope that we drafted a WR who can play in the pro’s and most probably at slot … Continue reading NFL Draft Miami Dolphins Rounds 2&3: Boom Or Bust

NFL Draft Miami Dolphins Round 1: The Morning after the Night before

I didn’t stay up for the draft last night but I woke with the same feeling as Christmas Day – what had Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey delivered as a first round pick playing the role of Santa? Picture from My first port of call was, who informed me that we had drafted Offensive Tackle  Ja’wuan James from the University of Tennessee. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of him at all but I was relieved we hadn’t drafted Cryus Kouandijo of Alabama. Their analysis left a lot to be desired and it really felt like this pick had … Continue reading NFL Draft Miami Dolphins Round 1: The Morning after the Night before

NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins

A few short hours until Phins send their card to the podium with nineteenth pick of the 2014 draft and the first with Dennis Hickey at the helm as GM. I wasn’t initially planning to write any thing until after the names are called but there are a few thoughts floating around that I want to get down before we pick: – Do we draft another QB? I don’t dislike Tannehill but his QB career at Texas A&M consisted of one full season in 2011 (13 games) and in 2010 he played eight games at QB with seven starts. My … Continue reading NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins

NFL Draft Sleeper: Aaron Murray

In a previous blog post I drafted Jadevon Clowney as my number one pick, yet if I’m the Texans GM I still need a QB. In theory the Texans on Offence have all the weapons in place apart from a QB who can light it up. When Matt Schaub has 10 TD’s and 14 interceptions and a passer rating of 73 you know its not good. (For comparison Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill had 24 TD’s and 17 INT’s passer rating 81.7) For that matter Schaub had one of the higher rush averages as well with 4.8 yds a carry. Worryingly Case Keenum … Continue reading NFL Draft Sleeper: Aaron Murray

NFL Draft: DE or QB as the number 1 pick?

So finally the NFL is nearly upon us. I guess / hope that most GM’s are checking their scouting information, stats and measurable on all the players that they feel will help their programme. My Dolphins are picking at 19 and I want them to get an Offensive Linemen and to stay away from Cyrus Kouandijo as I don’t think he’s as dominant as a first round draft pick should be, especially against a speed rusher. Any how back to the number 1 pick. So what’s it to be ? DE from the SEC or QB from the Big East? … Continue reading NFL Draft: DE or QB as the number 1 pick?

Taking the plunge!

I started watching American Football in the mid to late 80’s when for a short time was on Grange Hill and then a kid at my school whose dad was from Chicago brought in a Bears Helmet. I found coverage on Channel 4, saw Dan Marino throw a deep bomb to Mark Duper and the rest is history. One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging is that coverage of the sport has changed so much with the advent of social media and 24 hour sports coverage and some of it is good and some not so good and … Continue reading Taking the plunge!