NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins

A few short hours until Phins send their card to the podium with nineteenth pick of the 2014 draft and the first with Dennis Hickey at the helm as GM. I wasn’t initially planning to write any thing until after the names are called but there are a few thoughts floating around that I want to get down before we pick:

Do we draft another QB? I don’t dislike Tannehill but his QB career at Texas A&M consisted of one full season in 2011 (13 games) and in 2010 he played eight games at QB with seven starts. My concern with him in the pro’s is that he threw 24 TD passes with 17 picks and his long was 67 yards. Given the fact we paid Wallace big bucks this is pretty under whelming. I’m not hanging him out to dry but this was Ireland’s pic. If we are going to move away from Tannehill now’s as good as time as any to do it.

– Draft Needs? According to ( we need help at OL/CB/S/RB. I’d also add LB’er to that group. Again I know we paid big bucks last year to Ellerbe and Wheeler but they didn’t live up to the billing. Will be interesting to see what we do here as well.

– Moving Down In the Draft? I think this is pre draft bluster.

Well not long now! Go Phins!



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