Miami Dolphins Draft: Rounds 4 -7

I’m doing this much much later than I intended, but here are my thoughts on the later draft picks.

Walt Atkins, CB, Liberty (round 4)

walt atkins
picture from

I didn’t recognise the name or the college to be honest so I began my own research.  Mr Atkins has a highlight film on you tube ( and from the brief clip he looks like he’s been well coached and combines this with a tonne of natural talent.

I like how he breaks down for tackles and then delivered the tackle with real force and on top of this when he breaks on the ball he highpoints (attacks it at the highest point) he breaks the pass up or gets the pick. He also is returning kicks and was patient enough to allow the blocks to develop so I imagine we will see him on Special Teams as well.

Before playing at Liberty, Mr Atkins played for Illinios which is in the Big Ten Conference and as a true freshman made the Big Ten All-Freshman team but was suspend from the team as he was associated to theft. (Its covered here if you are interested I wont be surprised if Mr Atkins sees the field a lot as a rookie.

Arthur Lynch, TE, Georgia (Round 5)

picture from
picture from

A good old-fashioned TE! Cant say how pleased I am about this draft pick and  if it didn’t before obvious before I think it’s becoming apparent that our QB1 Ryan Tannehill is being given all the weapons he needs to make a run for the AFC East and further. Mr Lynch wasn’t prolific by any imagination as a senior so I was going to compare stats with Charles Clay as a senior at Tulsa but he was a RB  there and in my opinion Michael Egnew was really a traditional TE at Missouri so the comparison is a no go with existing TE’s on our roster.

Mr Lynch finished his football carer with the Bulldogs on the All-SEC First Team and All-SEC Coaches First time and here’s another you tube clip ( showing what we’ll be getting.

I only have one concern, is he quick enough to create separation but there are ways and means around this and  its important to remember that some players are NFL ready when they are playing at college. Going to be a starter before the end of the season.

Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana (Round 5)

Picture from
Picture from

My favourite Phin’s of all time is Zach Thomas and watching the highlight film I found Mr Tripp’s motor reminds me a lot of #54.  (Highlight film: . I really like the hit on the QB at 1:57 and his motor is relentless. Could be what the existing LB’ers need to pick their game up.

Its hard to get a real breakdown from film but I think at worst he’ll contribute in situational Defence and on Special Teams as rookie.

Matt Hazel, WR, Coastal Carolina (Round 6)

Picture from
Picture from

The Phins management have obviously don’t their home work. From Mr Hazels highlight video you can see that he how he plays jumps out at you straight away. Apart from being a very good athlete, he has great body control and can create separation from defenders. He also goes after the ball when it’s in the air and catches it with his hands in front of him. Am looking forward to seeing how Mr Hazel goes against Mr Atkins in camp.

His highlight video is here:

Terrence Fede, DE, Marist (Round 7)

Picture from
Picture from

This pick really surprised me, at the time there were players still available who had played at bigger schools in tougher divisions. The SEC defensive player of the year was still available at this point in time! Could we not have gone out and got him and picked Mr Fede up as a rookie free agent?  Right now that’s out of the way…

Again via the wonders of you tube this guy looks solid! ( What really stands out his that he plays low and loves the inside move, can play out of three and two point stance (transition to OLB any one?).  Am going to wait to see how he goes at camp against some of the more experienced pros but am excited too see how he goes!

Looking forward to the future !





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