Miami Dolphins Potential Cuts: Michael Egnew

So we’ve had all the pre-draft speculation, then the draft itself and now we are in the dead space that features agents and players haggling over contracts, players attending mini camps and Organised Team Activites. (OTA’s). Apart from scouring the internet to find out how players are progressing at camp the next big step is when teams start to slim their rosters.

So I’m going to play the roll of the Turk who’s going to get play books and tell players to go and see the Head Coach. My first visit is to:

Michael Egnew, TE, 84


Mr Egnew was  taken in the 2012 NFL in the third round and happened to be the third TE taken over all but hasn’t performed to that level  and only been on the field for just 255 snaps in two seasons (2012 – 255 & 2013 -230).  In comparison Dwayne Allen taken fourteen picks earlier by the Colts has played 955 snaps ( 2012 – 925 & 2013- 30).  As a rookie I suspect that Mr Egnew was out of his depth and if you didn’t see Mr Egnew get beat down by Coach Sherman on Hard Knocks, well lets just say it was pretty brutal. For the record I think Coach Sherman was a dick about it and cutting down a rookie on National TV was not a classy or ultimately helpful thing to do and reflected to me the issues the later surfaced.

Back to the facts, as I mentioned in the 2013 Profootballfocus recorded Mr Egnew taking 230 snaps, and his numbers didn’t  set the world on fire. Below I have shown a comparison of all of Phins TE for 2013/14 season:



Total Yards




Michael Egnew






Charles Clay






Dion Sims






(Stats from

The  number that jumps out to me most of all is the lack of TD’s.  Either the coaching staff docent trust him in the red zone or he’s flat out not very good and his stats just don’t show any growth or development. Part of me wonders if he doesn’t have full grasp of the playbook?

The arrival of an old fashioned inline blocker in Arthur Lynch who has the ability to make difficult plays combined  with Charles Clays breakout season makes me think unless Mr Egnew shows up massively at camp he’s done. The salary cap docent save him either as he’s guaranteed only $588,956 which is pocket change compared to the $27,000,000 that Mike Wallace is guaranteed. (Source: The Dolphins probably spend that on Gatorade for camp.

That being said, some times it does take people time to adjust to new environments and jobs and if Mr Egnew whats to stay around the third year better be the year it all falls into place.





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