The First Sunday with the Westminster Dragons

When people are new to American football, very few rookies (if any) want to play on the Offensive line. If they have seen any form of football or even played NCAA or Madden they will have seen the long bombs (throwing or catching), the big runs or tackles but probably not paid any attention to the blocking schemes. So as a coach not only do I want the players to enjoy it but I want to sell it to them just enough that they want to come back for more. This weekend we had six stations and unsurprisingly I had OL. I … Continue reading The First Sunday with the Westminster Dragons

Why I’m coaching Uni football

I cut my teeth at the University of Hertfordshire coaching, made some great friends and played there (even after all this time the Hurricanes are my team) but I had a long car journey with Coach D on the way to a Blitz flag football game and he spoke about what he’s trying to do and build at his University team and I was intrigued but initially I didn’t want to go back to the Uni game. As the season went on, we spoke more about coaching and after talking to my Jets/Notre Dame supporting other half, I agreed to … Continue reading Why I’m coaching Uni football