The First Sunday with the Westminster Dragons

When people are new to American football, very few rookies (if any) want to play on the Offensive line. If they have seen any form of football or even played NCAA or Madden they will have seen the long bombs (throwing or catching), the big runs or tackles but probably not paid any attention to the blocking schemes.

So as a coach not only do I want the players to enjoy it but I want to sell it to them just enough that they want to come back for more.

This weekend we had six stations and unsurprisingly I had OL. I started to prepare my practice sheet on Thursday evening. It has been a long time since  have coached at Uni so I modified my practice card to solely cover the points I wanted to get across, this is because I can get carried away with the detail of what I am doing and can lose track of my coaching aim and the time.

Every thing that is in bold below, was on my coaches practice sheet for Sunday. These are the key points that I wanted to cover during this session. Normally there would be timings down the side indicating how long I have for each section, but this first session was more about the players getting a taste for football.

Coaching Details

Ask if players are left or right handed

– Drop into a 2 point stance
– Bend Knees (look for Z shape) keep chest close to knees
– Back Straight, Head up, eyes ahead
– Resting hand in front

– Drop into 4 point stance
– Lift one hand off
– Explain cadence
– Move hands and feet at the same time
– Short steps – get your feet up and down as quickly as possible

Coaching Bullet Points (these are highlighted on my sheet)

– Feet shoulder width apart
– Shoulders even and back straight
– One hand on the ground – split weight between hands and feet
– Same stance on every rep

While I’m doing this, I’m also evaluating to see who can get into a stance and moves well and who struggles. There are no pads or helmets at the moment so every thing can change but its still interesting and a good opportunity to see how they respond to coaching.

Overall the session flowed well and there were some promising rookies – I’m looking forward to next week.

If you have any points or questions please get in contact with me and I’ll do what I can to respond.


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