Westimster Dragons Offensive Line : Knowing your players

So its been a few weeks since I’ve blogged about coaching the Dragons and during this time I’ve been finding my stride (its been a long time since I’ve coached players how to get into a three point stance and how to drive block) as well as  working out the best way to coach the players.

Some people may wonder, what I mean by the best way to coach a player? In my experience every player has their own way of learning. For some players its through repetition (literally doing the same thing over and over again), for others its visual (seeing the plays in front of them), audible (coming from being told) and a combination of the above. Every once in a while you get a player who to start with nothing works.  If this is the case, I have to think about what I’m saying and how I’m saying it. As a coach I have to be able to say the same thing a hundred different ways.

It’s nearly impossible to cover all of those learning styles,  I but try and cover them all in some way. The Dragons have a classroom session on Tuesday at which point the OC installs any new plays and I then use a laminate of the play to reinforce Tuesday session so the players can refer to it.

Both in install and in OL individuals we follow this up with walk throughs where the players can see it visually and I can ask the players questions as well as giving them the opportunity to ask questions. I can’t stress the importance of the players understanding every aspect of the play as I really believe the less a linemen has to think once they get into a three point stance,  the quicker they will play.

The players also need to get to know me.  I always try to be clear and concise and lay out what I expect from  them. a little thing like bringing water over saves time as they can drink the water  between drills as they don’t have to leave our practice area.

If the player is failing at a drill, the majority of the time its because I haven’t explained what I need from them in a way they can understand it.

Right now, truth be told we’re all on a learning curve . Some things are being done well, some things not so well but we will get better.








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