London Blitz Camp 2015 – The night before….

Its been such a long time since I’ve blogged about football. Some of that is down to having to eat as many chicken wings as I could in a minute (but thats a story for a different time) but mostly its down to  the fact that I talk football a lot.

Most of my closest friends enjoy the highs and lows of coaching as well as supporting teams but the main factor has been that London Blitz has changed Offensive Coordinators from my friend Mike Callan to some one who I’m also friends with and have “grown up” along side in British American Football and thats Dr Stuart Miller.

When we where both first time GA’s with the Great Britain Lions, we shared a room in the Lodge at Crystal Palace and spent most of the time sorting out playcards and sorting film. Blitz’s DC Damien Anderson was also a GA at that camp!

Coach Miller (SM) has changed a few parts of our scheme massively and tweaked others but I’ve had to get better so I can understand the scheme and also teach it to my players.

Anyway its late so I’m going to get to the point of this! London Blitz start their three day camp from 8pm tomorrow (Friday 28th March 2015) and I plan to blog from camp. It won’t be a detailed fly on the wall blog, actually I don’t really know what it will look like. All I can say with confidence at the moment is is that I won’t be going into any details on coaches meetings.

I do know I’ve spent a lot of time working towards this, practice planning, watching practice film, more game planning, email conversations with SM and  Coach Aston Ellington (AE), face to face conversations, research! The list feels endless.

I started drawing all my notes from film and combined them with the direction I received from SM and have come up with a plan. For each session I have a detailed card. I want it to be detailed as I can always be fluid and move it around as I need it.

So the board is set, the cam corders are on charge, I have my big tea mug packed, not to mention sun cream (incase the sun appears) and now I just want to get on with it.

We finished second last year in a great match with the London Warriors and credit to them. However I don’t like coming second and hopefully this weekend will go some way to changing that.


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