London Blitz Camp 2015 – Day 1 Friday


Normally at camp, the coaching staff uses the medical block as a base. It work’s for several reasons, mainly because we’re all in the same location and its easy to have a quick catch up and the door locked meaning we could leave our numerous laptops, ipads and projectors. (Not to mention wallets and car keys)

This year we are in a new location, which although it is closer to the players, so far it seems to be better. We have a lounge area thats big enough to have both the A & the B staff. However if we have more players than beds the players could end up on the sofa’s.

For those of you interested I’m sharing with Coach Miller (SM) and Coach Aston (AE). I hope they don’t mind a snorer.

I’m going to unpack and then get set up in the library before the players start to arrive enmass.


Friends school is a great place and as you’d expect from a private school, it has the best of every thing. They provide us five great meals over the two days and mark out a rugby pitch with football markings. One of my favourite memories is now B team head coach Greg Goldie running through the fog dressed in full kit looking like one four horse men of the apocalypse.

This year they have given us wi-fi access but it appears to be limited and unable to support so may laptops. We’re working on a solution as this is the first year all of our film is on Hudl, which is a online tool.

In the last week some of my players have been in contact with me with me with questions about their position on the depth chart and queries about playing for Blitz B. I wanted to speak to them rather than email as tone can be read into messages when its not there and have just had the opportunity to do this.

On a personal note had a good catch up with Duncan Burford who’s our DB coach and who enticed me to coach at Westminster.


We’ve just had our introduction meetings, where Coach Moss explained the do’s and dont’s of camp. We’ve been coming her for fifteen years and have a great relation with the school and its important we don’t ruin it.

On O we’ve moved into a separate classroom and Coach Miller is covering the new install at the moment and adjustments to plays that we have altered during preseason. Every thing in our Offence has a rule, which we use as a starting point and to make sure we are all on the same page. Its such a coaching cliché but it really does make every thing work a little smoother. It gives us a starting position to adjust our schemes.

Going back to an earlier point I made about the wi-fi being a issue. The school has set up a system access for us to sign onto the desktops in the class room, so problem solved.


As a coaching staff we’re just fine tuning the schedule for tomorrow and aligning the requirements the requirements of both staffs and more importantly that of our players.


Still in the coaching meeting and I may have just asked if every one on offence is going to wear white and will the defence wear blue? Every ones looking at me like I’ve caught the crazy as we do this every week. Ive either had to many cups of tea or not enough.


We’ve just finished the scripts for the first session tomorrow and I’m pretty sure Coach Anderson turned the four candles / fork handles joke into a linebackers blitzing joke. Its time to go to bed!


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