London Blitz Camp 2015 – Day 2 Saturday


Where did today go to? I would have liked to have the time to updates during the day but from the start until about twenty minutes ago it was wall to wall football.

Today we started in the gym at 05:30 and to steal a line from Good Morning Vietnam “what does the 0 stand for in 05:30? Oh my god its early”. Using the gym allows us to stretch the players out of the elements and  by the time we get them outside it has normally started to get light outside. It’s always easy to spot a Blitz Camp first timer, early in the morning they either have one base layer or a hoodie. Most of the vets wear multiple layers as its easier to take them off when they start to heat up.


Whilst the rest of the team are working through special teams, I have the Offensive line with me. The focus in the first session was our basic footwork for inside zone, stretch and pass pro. I’ll be honest with you it didn’t go as well as I would have liked. We were lacking tempo and a little execution.

To counter this I moved some my plan around and we broke from our normal routine and brought in some double team, dl to lb’er pick up drills for the run game. It was in the plan for the 2nd session so we didn’t lose any thing by doing this.

Snap shot of my practice plan

This was followed by breakfast (porridge, sausage sandwich and a mug of tea) and it really does set you up for the day. It was then onto the first classroom session of the day. As I mentioned yesterday all of our coaching film goes onto Hudl and it really has changed the way we  look at and evaluate film. The classroom session are possibly my favourite of camp as I get to properly interact with my players and they get to ask questions. This is an important part as for a lineman the more they understand, the less they have to think and process information, the quicker they can  move.  For the most part I’d like to think these sessions aren’t a burden and whilst they aren’t always fun I hope they can enjoy them.

The focus for the rest of  the day was split between, OL vs DL indi’s, pass pro, inside run and team. As the Blitz OL coach my job is to prepare  a plan for each of these sections and to manage the players so they get the same amount of reps . For me I get to see the combinations of linemen that I believe will work.

Second to last point before I turn for tonight is that being a positional coach can be a long and lonely job. As soon as  I get in from the field, I want the film. Hudl help here as we only have to load it to one place and away we go. Today I took my lunch so I could break down the film in so its ready for the OL.


Last point is that the weather tomorrow looks like its going to be bad tomorrow! So wish me luck.


Weather Forecast








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