London Blitz Camp 2015 – Day 3 Sunday



Unusually at the moment as coaches we have some down time right now. This morning although we started at 06:00 the clocks went forward last night so it still really early this morning.

Again we started in the gym but this morning every one was a little slower, the form and technique for stretching was still there but just a little slower. The first set of lunges brought groans from some of the players.

Once outside with the OL, we went through our regular routine although today  we went 50% speed and focused on getting the technique right. The start of all our training sessions and games are identical and  every drill has a name. Today I was glad for the naming conventions as I called out the drill name and the players organised themselves into position.

There’s been a lot of snoring this camp and one of the coaches I share with has just started snorning again, so I’m off to get some breakfast


We’ve just had our last offensive team meeting. Coach Miller has gone through the format for our team scrimmage and last minute review of a handful of plays. Following on from the success of yesterdays session the O is focused and it feels like they are ready to play.

Last Offensive Team Meeting

In a weather update, its started to throw it down here. Moral of this story is never leave home with out your wet weather gear – thankfully I never do!


We’re back in from the White  vs Blue scrimmage; the weather last night as forecasted was very poor. The biggest down side to the rain was that the quality of the pitch deteriorated very quickly and it was difficult for players to get any real traction.

Would I say we got what we wanted from it? Almost. The weather didn’t help and its hard for players to stay 100% focused in the cold and wet but both sides of the ball did a great job.


I’ve been back at home for a couple of hours now after being delayed due to losing a tire to a puncture and my car not coming with a spare (don’t get a car that comes with an emergency inflation kit always haggle for a spare tyre!).  I’ll load the film tomorrow and as an coaching staff I know we’ll adapt were we need to from what we see.

It’s been a great couple of days but I am glad to be home.


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