Great Britian Under 19’s in Denmark – Day 1

Since I’ve started blogging I’ve noticed that coaching comes with more early days than I thought it did!


Players meet at Stansted airport and collect kit from Russ Hewitt and Fergus Kehoe who both must have got up left  home closer to 12am than I care to think about to make sure players had their kit. Once this was done, team manager Amanda Arrowsmith (who’s also my other half)made sure their bags weren’t over weight, that they had the correct tickets, broke the players into groups and allocated them to a coach and then made sure they all got as far as security checks.

On the other side of the security checks, it was more like a forced march on the way to the gate. No time for a gentle stroll through duty-free today.


We  arrived at the hotel. To be honest it looked like the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in with London Blitz or any GB programme. We allocated rooms to the players and coaches which gave the players a short time before Coach Anderson held his first team meeting.

Players had a brief orientation and were shown our meeting rooms and some coaching messages were passed  to the players.

Our hotel


Food! Every one has been on the go from very very early this morning and fortunately the food was excellent! To back this up, the usual chatter was silenced as the players tucked into the food. I may have made my self a sandwich to have later in the day.


I’ve been on a recky to find a practice field. There has been a lot of rain here over the last couple of days and the field we were meant to use is pretty sodden. I’ve found one and our contact at the hotel say’s we’ll be okay to use it tomorrow as it’s a municipal field.


Another fantastic meal. I cant say enough about how good the food is, its a relief to see the players being able to have full plates and be comfortable with what they are eating. The coaches that are here reviewed some game film after dinner.

Amanda has confirmed that all players are present and accounted for at Stansted which is great. They will be with us about 22:30 local time.


I’m just reviewing our scout film on hudl to make sure I have every thing ready for my ST meeting in the morning. The special teams list is up in the reception area to our hotel to give players a chance to double check it.


Done with scout for tomorrow. The second half of our team will be here in about 30 minutes. Although before that I’m going to have cup of tea and relax before our late night coaches meeting.


The second half of the squad has arrived, have their room key and food pack that the hotel provided and have headed to their rooms.


We’ve finished the coaching meeting. Its been a very very long day but all the players and staff have made it successfully. We’ve finalised the plans for the next couple of days and hopefully a good practice tomorrow morning with positional meetings with put us in a good position.


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