BAFCA Coaching Convention – OL Pass Pro Drills and Application

Last weekend I presented to my peers in British coaching at our coaching convention and immediately after had the biggest compliment I’ve ever received but I’ll come back to that later.

I was approached at the start of June to speak, as the British American Football Coaches Association (BAFCA) didn’t have any one lined up to speak about OL. My initial thought was “what do I talk about?”. There are so many different aspects to cover and after speaking to a few coaches I decided I wouldn’t do a pure scheme talk but rather talk about coaching aspects of a certain scheme and so OL Pass Pro Drills and Application was born.

At the Blitz we run this scheme, so talking about drills wasn’t the issue. The problem I was having was putting together a format that would give coaches some thing to take away with them and keeping it with in the forty five minute to an hour time scale. At one point when I was planning I had forty eight slides plus three or four tight clips of slide pass pro in action (which I could have taken the forty five minutes to talk about).

My very cool Lego blog planning book
My very cool Lego blog planning book

I wanted to get my point across but that was too many slides for me to cover any one point in enough detail to feel like I was passing on any knowledge. I also had film examples of Blitz players demonstrating the drills, which I thought was good because it showed British Linemen running the same drills that a quick search on you tube or google will bring you to.

I’ve enclosed my BAFCA presentation and if you like it please help yourself to the presentation.- Offensive Line Pass Protection Drills and their Application

So to my presentation – I was presenting after NFL coaching legend Al Saunders. Coach  over ran his presentation and at the end of his slot he apologised to me and I thought no more of it. During my presentation I saw him sitting at the back which I thougth was cool.

I finished my presentation and then sat in Coach Saunders next session “Developing the Passing Game” in which he talks about the value of a good OL and at that point he said he just saw a very good presentation and he would have no problem with that coach coaching is OL. You might read this and think I’m blowing my own trumpet and I am a little bit, but come on  I thought that was pretty damn cool!

I’m glad I took up the invite to talk and have some great feedback.


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