Day 1 Wednesday: Travelling to the C.O.O.L. Clinic

Not long now

10:13 (UK) I’m on the Piccadilly line travelling to Heathrow Terminal 3, I hate traveling but this clinic will make the trip more than worth it. I’ve wanted to go to this specialist OL clinic since I stumbled on the transcript on a football reference site about ten years ago so this is definitely one to tick off the bucket list.

I’m wearing my  GB coaching swag and have packed most of it  as well. Seems like the perfect chance to use it.

Making use of the new coaching swag

11:28 (UK) I’m through passport and security checks, have wandered through duty free and since my departure gate isn’t announced until 12:10 I’m taking the opportunity to eat. If there is anything coaching in Europe with the Blitz taught  me its eat when you can and sleep when you can, fortunately I don’t have to sleep at this airport which is a bonus.

“Sumo” Chicken Katsu Curry

12:32 (UK) I’m on the plane, have my window seat courtesy of Amanda Janes Unicorn Travel. I’m as comfortable as I can be. To quote the same lady I need not to worry about the travel and “embrace it”. It looks like I’ll have a row to myself in Virgin Atlantic Premim Economy, as the flight is about half full. That’s a really pleasant bonus.

17:12 (US) I’m on an internal flight with wi-fi! What a marvellous age we live in! I had almost two hours to get from international arrivals in Boston terminal E to terminal A. Needless to say that didn’t go to plan and I ended up running to terminal A and if it hadn’t been for a very helpful Delta worker who took my bag for me after I missed the luggage drop of point in my rush and then policeman who walked me to the front of the security check I wouldn’t have made my connecting flight. When I stepped onto the the plane I must have looked a mess as the air hostess asked me if I needed water and handed me a bottle of water. My very short time in Boston International has reminded me that for the most part, people are good.

Just in case you didn’t know what am empty bottle of water looked like

21:02 (US) I’m about to head to bed. I’ve been for food (a very good pizza and 2 glasses of a IPA); though I didn’t feel hungry I knew I should eat and it has kept me up a bit longer as i try to adjust to local time. I’m looking forward to have a look around tomorrow and finding my bearings before the start of the clinic on Thursday.



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