C.O.O.L Clinic Adventures: Day 2 Thursday

06:28 (US) I’ve been awake for a little while. I had about eight hours sleep and managed to get out this morning for a quick run. (That didn’t last long as I didn’t have much in the tank) and I’ve been looking for places to go for breakfast so if the hotels isn’t great I have plenty of options.

In the end I had an amazing “breakfast burrito”, in a diner that must have been owned by a Bengals fanatic! There where game posters from the 80’s on the wall signed by Anderson or Esiason. It might sound tacky but it was great.

12:23 (US) I’m at Paul Brown Stadium stood at the entrance to the practice facility and watched 3 Bengals DL do pass rush drills. Explosiveness and body position was awesome as you’d expect from the Pros but their hand speed was amazing. I didn’t want to take a photo as a police car was watching me watching them.

Below is a photo I took from the concourse of the stadium, unfortunately its not great.

In the distance , Bengals DL doing pass rush drills

16:08 (US) Just got back to the hotel. Had a great afternoon. I walked out and got a ticket for tonight baseball game and out of the blue Neil Hornsby from Pro Football Focus (who used to go to the same gym as me in Luton and who now lives Cincinnati) messaged me after seeing a tweet that I was in town and asked me if I’d like to go to the PFF office? Hell yeah I would! After a shortish walk I arrived. It was good to see Neil again and good to chat foodball with him and the PFF team! They are so clued up its ridiculous.

17:30 I didn’t sleep when I got back to the hotel but took the time just to relax. After leaving the PFF team I did some sports shopping. I didn’t, but I  could have spent a fortune.

Caps at Koch Sporting Goods
Cleats at Koch Sporting Goods

18:55 (US) Having a bite to eat and nice pint (?) of beer before going to the game. Bonus is that there is soft ball on.

Beer , burger and softball

20:48  (US) baseball like cricket but with better weather and much better beer pong. It’s dark here now and it’s warm enough not to be wearing my jacket. I’m having a great evening.
22:30 Time for bed! It’s Christmas tomorrow after all.


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