Surprise London Triathlon 2017 Entry 

After my best friend convinced me to run the London 10k earlier this year, I trained for the event and am pleased to say I ran a time better than I was aiming for and whilst I didn’t enjoy the run I enjoyed crossing the finish line.

But when the race was done, I let the training slip. I had a slight ankle injury that restricted my training but I felt the pressure was off and I didn’t feel the need to train. We had a holiday and then it seemed like a distant memory.

When we got back, I started training again and oh my god it was a shock. Running had become painful again and all of my lifts had fallen away.

I started training again but I didn’t feel the motivation to train on days where it might be a bit wet or I just didn’t feel like it. This made me think about how I was motivated to run the London 10k and my mind turned to triathlon.

Some people I used to play American Football with now take part in triathlon and some people I follow on social media take part but a big inspiration is my friend Kyle Garlett who has a heart transplant, survived cancer and has completed Iron Man triathlons. (You can buy his book describing his journey here: Heart of Iron: My Journey from Transplant Patient to Ironman Triathlete ) So what’s my excuse?

So I’ve signed up to do the London triathlon olympic event in July 2017 and am raising money along the way for Macmillan cancer support and it would be great if you would click here to sponsor me.

Currently my aim is to just get over the finish line and right now I’m a little intimidated but a little fear can be good right?

The London Triathlon Route



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