London Triathlon – Training Planning

When I signed up to do the London Triathlon  to raise money for Macmillan cancer support (please sponsor me here) all I really knew about training was that I needed to build up to the full distances, Olympic distances, did I mention that? Apart from that I didn’t really know too much more other than I knew I had to find out more.

Fortunately my other half bought be me two training books which have changed my approach to how I should plan my sessions and then how I should execute them. The first book I read was  Triathlon For Beginners by Dan Goudling and its completely changed the way I think about and approach training. Now for example, rather than just trying to swim the 1500m I’m breaking it down into skills and techniques that will help me  not only  survive the event but try and be as competitive as I can be. Mentally I know I need to approach the event with a positive mindset, pat myself on the back when it goes well and when it doesn’t work out what went badly, where I can improve it and then move on.

The second book is The Triathlon Training Book which focus a lot more on techniques both physical and mental. I  know that both books are going to be well used by the time I’m ready for the London Triathlon.

This change in approach was a surprise to me as for coaching American football I always want to coach the skills needed but I didn’t apply the same rule to myself. I’ve created a six week training plan that with the help of my training buddy Amanda Jane I’m going to keep to it.

I’m lucky that near where we live there is a 50m lido which opens at 6am so that is a massive bonus. My trusty and very old mountain bike needs to go to the bike shop for some TLC so for January and February I’m going to do spinning classes at Muswell Hill Pure Gym. The idea behind doing spinning for two months is twofold, the first is to get me used to riding a bike again and the second is that I don’t really like the idea of early morning bike rides in London in the dark. By the time I’m half way through my second training plan I aim to be back riding on the wild London streets.

I’ve created a training plan that initially lasts five weeks so am going to work through that and after the five weeks I’ll amend the next session as appropriate.

As I write this I’m currently in France and I’ve kept my running topped up, the training starts in full on Wednesday morning with a lido swim and a gym session. Wish me luck I’m going in.




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