Triathlon training update! 

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Man oh man! My Blenheim Sprint pack arrived this morning and it’s all become really real. At writing this I have 24 days until I jump into The lake at Blenheim to start my first event.

Training hasn’t gone as well as I would have liked. It feels like I’ve had a problem at every turn. Some highlights include a neck injury that stopped me from doing any swimming or riding the bike, the bike needed to go for a service and when it was being serviced they discovered the stand that holds the saddle in place had a stress fracture. It didn’t need replacing but if the stand broke when I was on it it wouldn’t be pleasant. This took about 10 days to get repaired and then this morning my wet suit ripped. I’ve ordered a new one.

But $hit happens and unlike coaching American football my team where you have a large team of coaches and sometimes a management and medical team, now my team consists of Amanda (my other half) who’s in my “get on with it” coach, I have an amazing PT Tom Milo ( who has created an interesting and always challenging programme for me. This part  of the training has been great and so far I really feel like it’s helped me massively  both with my core, injury prevention and recovery from training.


I’ve just read back and I’ve come across as negative, I have made progress. Both my swim and running have come along really nicely and I’m currently at 1000m for the swim and averaging between 8km and 12 km. This week my first brick training went better than expected.

I’m keep track of my training using a diary where I log what and I’ve done and my thoughts on how the session went. I also have a calendar which has days remaining and I summarise each day. Both are great little tools and the diary especially good because sometimes you forget how far you have come.

I still have time to train for Blenheim so hope to put a decent performance and then push on for London.

I’ll leave you with a short video that I recorded! More updates soon I hope!


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